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Neighborhoods of Cabo

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Relaxed Luxury: Your Slice of Paradise

Explore Diamante

Experience relaxed luxury like never before. Dive into the laid-back atmosphere, enjoy the sun on private beaches, and savor the essence of paradise in your own comfortable retreat.

Cabo del Sol

The ultimate destination resort community

Explore Cabo del Sol

This community offers the ideal living experience in Los Cabos, boasting some of the region’s finest ocean-view real estate.

Chileno Bay

Nature's Playground, Exclusive Retreats

Explore Chileno Bay

Where azure waters meet golden sands, providing an idyllic setting for exclusive retreats, water sports, and unforgettable moments amidst the wonders of nature.

Cabo Real

Golf Enthusiast's Paradise, Luxury Resorts

Explore Cabo Real

Home to world-class golf courses designed by legends, complemented by luxury resorts, pristine beaches, and a vibrant nightlife, ensuring an unparalleled lifestyle experience.

Rancho San Lucas

Ranch Living with Ocean Views

Explore Rancho San Lucas

Offering a unique blend of ranch-style living and breathtaking ocean views. Experience the charm of ranch life while being close to the sea, making every day here a genuine adventure.

Puerto Los Cabos

Marina Living, Local Flavor

Explore Puerto Los Cabos

Experience marina living with a touch of local flavor. Live in a community that's vibrant and welcoming, with easy access to marina activities, cultural events, and scenic landscapes.


Timeless Elegance, World-Class Golf

Explore Palmilla

Indulge in the timeless elegance of Palmilla, renowned for its luxurious residences, award-winning golf courses, and breathtaking oceanfront properties, creating a haven of sophistication and leisure.

Encanto De La Laguna

Beachfront Bliss, Eco-Friendly Living

Explore Encanto De La Laguna

Encanto de la Laguna offers beachfront bliss in an eco-friendly setting. Wake up to the sound of waves, explore pristine beaches, and live sustainably in a community that respects and preserves its natural surroundings.

La Jolla

Cliffside Splendor, Panoramic Ocean Views

Explore La Jolla

La Jolla de Los Cabos offers cliffside splendor with panoramic ocean views, upscale residences, private beach access, and an exclusive atmosphere, creating a haven of coastal elegance.

Hacienda Medano

Beachfront Bliss, Five-Star Resort Living

Explore Hacienda Medano

Where luxurious beachfront villas, a private beach club, gourmet dining, and personalized services provide residents with the essence of five-star resort living.

Las Mananitas

Serene Living, Garden Oasis

Explore Las Mananitas

Nestled amidst lush greenery, this neighborhood offers tranquil homes, a sense of community, and a peaceful ambiance, making it a perfect haven for those seeking a quiet and harmonious lifestyle.


Private Club Living, Signature Golf Course

Explore Querencia

Offering private club living with a signature Tom Fazio golf course, luxury residences, panoramic views, and a vibrant community, Querencia creates an exclusive enclave of elegance and sophistication.

Cresta Del Mar

Hillside Splendor, Pacific Ocean Vistas

Explore Cresta Del Mar

offers hillside splendor with Pacific Ocean vistas, contemporary architecture, spacious villas, and a tranquil ambiance, providing residents with a serene retreat.


Auberge Luxury, Cliffside Retreat

Explore Esperanza

Featuring elegant villas, award-winning dining, rejuvenating spa experiences, and breathtaking ocean views, offering residents an unparalleled sense of tranquility and refinement.


World class golf community on the tip of Baja

Explore Quivira

From the dining opportunities to the world-class golf and spa amenities, Quivira leaves nothing to chance.